About Us

Refugee Camp in Beyrouth
Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

In the 2012 census collected by ANCUR, it was estimated that “43.3 million people in the world were displaced by force due to conflict and persecution. Children constitute 46% of this population.” This is roughly 8 times the population of Singapore.

We are a group of Singaporean architects and fabricators who, when faced with these alarming numbers coupled with existing conditions of the displaced settlements, have decided to contribute via design, construction and deployment of individual shelters as well as settlement planning, so as to improve upon existing conditions of these displaced settlements.

Our shelters are designed on the premise that onsite materials and skilled labor are scarce, and are thus constructed offsite and require minimal skills to put together.

Mission Statement

  • To provide shelters and settlement planning for disaster aid and humanitarian relief.
  • To innovate and improve upon existing models, in order to meet the shelter needs of those displaced by natural disasters and/or human conflict.
  • To be a resource and data base in relation to disaster hotspots and aid provision.

DSDR’s Activities

Implementation of Humanitarian Field Trips and Projects

In addition to shelter deployments in displaced communities, we also provide training for the operation of such shelters and monitor the usage of deployed shelters for further prototype development.

Develop Shelter Prototypes

Our shelter prototypes focus on ease of transportation and onsite work to minimize skilled labor. They employ sustainable materials, construction methodologies and technologies.

Resource & Database

We maintain a database of disaster hotspots and deployment locations. Additionally we are in the process of developing a knowledge base for practical and academic reference.

Create Awareness/ Social Media

We maintain an active online presence as a means of dissemination of information as well as to reach potential partners.

Education & Training

We design and conduct workshops and seminars for students and interested parties.

The People of DSDR

DSDR.org is founded by Sam Vedanaigam and Lee Kay Lian, and represents the consolidated vision of the founders to bring together architectural design and construction expertise in service of humanitarian aid.

Samuel Vedanaigam

Sam is the CEO of The Shelter Company (TSCO), a Singapore specialist builder of high-performance modular structures. TSCO’s patented shelter systems have been used at high profile events such as the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, GRAZE, Extreme Sailing and the Singapore Yacht Show, meeting the stringent demands for qiality and quick turn-around.

Lee Kaylian

Kay Lian is a practicing architect in Singapore, registered with the Board of Architects since 2009.